My 8 Favorite Things from 2022


Cyclebar has done incredible things for my endurance and mental health. It’s such an upbeat and welcoming environment.

Dance Classes

people inside room

I loved going back to dance classes, especially ballet classes this year. It’s so much fun, I feel like my childhood self again but without the pressure. I’m dancing for myself now.

Seven Days in June

As I said in my 2022 book review, this book awakened me immediately. This story is one I recommend to any and everyone.


dermatologist injecting botox on client s forehead

While I started getting facials last year, my love for them grew exponentially this year. It’s such an excellent way to take care of myself and get away for a few minutes.

Essentials Bag

brown leather crossbody bag with white framed sunglasses

I started an essentials bag that I take in every purse (if it fits) it’s where my lotion, lip glosses, portable edge control, and other needs go so I never have to dig through my purse or hope it didn’t fall out of a pocket again.

Renaissance by Beyonce

This album took over my LIFE this year. I legitimately can’t go a day without turning on at least one song from the album. Check out my blog post about the full project here.

Abbott Elementary

Let’s be honest, if you haven’t watched this show yet what are you doing? This show is a breath of fresh air and for the Gen Z-Millenial cuspers seeing Quinta, Tyler, Sheryl, and Lisa (yes Melissa is Chessy from Parent Trap) shine is an extra piece of the pie. In the two seasons thus far, there hasn’t been a single miss but the season 2 Christmas episode is a standout for sure.

Gel X Nails

My wedding nails

I love a good nail moment, but I’ve always hated acrylics. So when I found out about Gel X nails, where everything is made with gel, I knew I had my new favorite thing. I love getting these sets, even though I reserve them for special occasions because I get over them rather quickly.

What are your favorite things from 2022? Let me know in the comments, maybe I’ll check them out next year.

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