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My Carryon Essentials (2022)

I traveled a lot this year, when I say a lot I truly mean it. Work trips, bachelorette, honeymoon, and a ton of things in between, and while I’m not an expert I feel like I’m pretty good about my packing abilities. That’s why I’m sharing my carry-on essentials with you.

Personal Item

Hanging Duffle Black Open Hanging Storage

The bag is usually my favorite backpack. Sometimes if I can swing it it’s a tote bag that can hold a good amount of items without hurting my shoulder, but my secret weapon is this hanging duffel bag from Beis. It’s compact, helps keep things organized, and holds a ton when I need something a little more involved.

  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. Bonus points if you bring a plastic bag to put them in to free up space. These aren’t just for the plane but also for the hotel.
  • My toiletry bag and medicine always go in the personal item in case you have to gate check on a full flight.
  • Listerine strips are awesome for stale plane breath until you can brush your teeth.
  • Chapstick is necessary no matter where I’m going I’ll be honest.
  • A portable charger is another thing I rarely if ever leave home without, even if its just to run errands.
  • AirPods are a travel essential but this is likely true of any Bluetooth headphones you use.

Carry On

  • The Beis roller carry-on is the absolute love of my life, I will occasionally use my duffel bag but a roller bag is typically my go-to. 
  • Packing cubes are a lifesaver. While I’ve had them on my list forever, I just purchased them this year and I love them. They keep me organized and they really do help you take more with less space.
  • Make a packing list, it’s essential when you’re trying to keep things light. A packing list will help you manage your space, keep it to what you actually need, and help ensure you didn’t miss anything.
  • Makeup typically ends up in my actually carry-on, which is different from the toiletries in my personal item. I can live without foundation more than I can live without soap and lotion (especially with my sensitive skin).
  • Things you won’t need on the flight and wouldn’t freak out if it was under the plane or got lost for a couple of days. With the way air travel has been lately, you have to think about these things. If you really have an outfit you need, consider trying to fit it into your personal item. When I went to Italy I had a T-shirt dress in my backpack just so I could pull it out as a potential change of clothes without going in the roller bag.

Long Haul Flights

crop woman with sheet face mask

Longer flights like international ones require a couple of extra items in the bag. 

  • Face/Eye Masks are so helpful while you’re on a plane, especially if you have dry skin.
  • If you know anything about this blog you know we love a good book. This book (funny you should ask) is an awesome travel read.
  • Download EVERYTHING you want to watch on a streaming service. You can watch it on the plane, once you’re there (especially if abroad), it’s just a win-win honestly.
  • Compression socks for longer flights really can help you feel more comfortable after landing.

What about you? What are your carry-on travel essentials? Let me know in the comments.

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