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6 Stylish Yet Iconic Halloween Costumes to Rock this Spooky Season

It’s officially spooky season! Coming up with a Halloween costume is one of the hardest parts of this super fun holiday, so that’s where I come in. Check out these cute spins on costumes so you can take it easy as you gear up for your festivities. Most of these links are Amazon affiliate links since free returns with Prime can let you try out a couple of options. If you do buy using the shared links, I will receive some compensation.

Princess Tiana

You know you want to be the best Disney Princess for Halloween. Put on your cutest green dress, put your hair in a bun, attach the leaves or lilypads to the tiara, and accessorize with gloves to pull off this royal look.

Bratz Doll

If you’re a fan of the baddest dolls in the toy aisle, this costume is for you. Don your cutest mini skirt, a fun crop top and you NEED a platform heel or boot. Make sure to try out a Y2K hairstyle and fun makeup to complete it.


Who didn’t watch Teen Titans? Personally, Starfire was my favorite character so I’m definitely biased. But it’s also one of the cutest costume ideas ever. Technically, she wears silver boots, but I couldn’t find any so purple it is.


Another Teen Titans-inspired costume. This one is a simpler look, but still iconic and fun. Bonus points if you can find a broach to hold the cape together like Raven wears.

Winx Club

Another childhood classic that comes with a super cute outfit. We aren’t talking about the Netflix live-action series, this is inspired by the super iconic animated show. Make sure you don’t forget the glitter, all the glitter.

A Sim

Just be a sim, make or buy the headband it’s more fun than the cat ears. You can literally wear any outfit in your closet.

What do you plan to be for Halloween? Did these suggestions inspire you?

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