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6 of the Cutest Staples for Your Fall Closet

It’s finally fall, one of the best seasons because the weather is so balanced and unlike spring the allergies aren’t flying through the air. Fall fashion is also a highlight of the season, having fashion enthusiasts excited to break out their best outfits. I’m sharing what I think are some autumnal closet staples below and where you can find them. This post will contain a few affiliate links from Amazon for items I like. If you purchase using my links I will receive some compensation.

Nude/Brown Blazer

You already know this one’s essential, do I even have to explain it?

High Neck Tops

While I love a good turtleneck I believe those are more of a winter staple, but you can’t go wrong with a good mock neck or high neck top in the fall.

Puffer Jacket or Coat

This one is for my folks in the cooler regions, I’m obsessed with a good puffy jacket especially a cropped one. Pair it with a high neck top like the one above.

Cute Boots in Staple Colors

I personally think everyone needs a nude, black, and fun pair of boots or booties for the fall because then you have most if not all of your bases covered.

Oversized Cardigans

Oversized cardigans are awesome, especially if you live somewhere where the temperature fluctuates drastically throughout the day. Pair your cardigan with a cute stand-alone too and you can remove it when the temperature rises.

Sweater Vest

I love a good layerable sweater vest for the fall season.

What’s your call closet staple? Let me know in the comments.

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