Four Ideas for a Perfect Christmas Movie Night

Do you need inspiration on how to celebrate Christmas? If so, may I suggest a Christmas movie night? But make it fun with the following games and actibities?

Idea 1: Hallmark Bingo/Prediction Game

I LOVE corny Christmas movies, and I’ve come up with a fun game to play whenever. You watch the first 5 minutes of a Hallmark movie and then pause to write down what you think will happen during the movie. We chose to read ours before continuing so we could react to what each other had right or wrong but you can also read them at the end instead.

Idea 2: Boozy Hot Chocolate

This can obviously be paired with other options on this list. But throw some Baileys into it. just check out my TikTok to see mine!

Idea 3: Make Ornaments

I did this on Christmas Eve as a kid, but I think doing this at any age could be cool and unique. There are tons of hacks on how to elevate affordable decorations, or you can make decor that feels special and sentimental.

Idea 4: Bake & Decorate Cookies

variety of assorted designed cookies
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I love doing this one. I made cookies last year and they turned out so cute and fun. I got cookie cutters from Target. They come in shapes like Santa and Christmas Trees! Then you also have a yummy snack for your movie marathon.

What do you like to do for holidays? Let me know!

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