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Heading Down the Aisle: The Keys to Picking a Wedding Venue

So, as you know I got engaged, and I’m super excited to take you all on this journey with me. When it comes to planning a wedding, a venue is one of the hardest parts but it’s also the most essential. Without one, you kind of don’t have a wedding? Like even a simple courthouse wedding or backyard wedding have a venue you have to choose.

But it’s also very, very daunting so I’m sharing some tips that helped me and my fiancé that I’m hoping will help you!

1. Think About the Season You Want

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This will impact the date that you go with for your wedding. We ended up with our date because coming from a family of HBCU alums and being Howard grads ourselves the fall was out because we wanted to avoid the possibility of a homecoming conflict. Summer was out because we are getting married in Florida and, yea no. Winter was out because between Christmas and both our birthdays it was too hectic, so we went with a late spring date!

2. What’s Your Aesthetic?

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Are you thinking of something farmhouse chic? Modern? Traditional? That makes all the difference. Figure out your vibe first, then find a venue to match. Extra points if you have colors or a mood board to reference.

3. Google, The Knot, and Zola (OH MY!)

Zola Homepage
The Knot – Logos Download

These three things have been my SAVIORS during the hunt for venues (and other vendors honestly). You can even reach out to vendors directly on The Knot and Zola. I’m using Zola as my main wedding website and it’s a dream to use.

4. Discuss Budget

The venue will probably be your largest cost. Please have your budget for both the wedding and proportionally for this particular expense. Stick where you feel comfortable!

5. Tours

I am planning a wedding long distance, so my mom did my tours. We talked about what I wanted up front and she sent me pictures/Facetimed me and shared any pricing information for us to discuss. PLEASE TAKE PICTURES. Imagine what things will look like, how would you set things up? Can you imagine it? If you can’t let’s try somewhere else.

6. Pick the Place!

This is the easiest part, book the location that checks your boxes and kick the planning into high gear!

Are you planning a wedding? Just got married? What’s the venue? What’s your aesthetic? Let me know in the comments!

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