Grown Status: How to Make Friends as an Adult

So I moved, again. This time to end my “long distance” era of my relationship. If living in Chicago post-college taught me anything it’s that making friends is hard to be intentional about but incredibly necessary.

The Key: Bumble BFF

You swipe left and right just like you’re used to but this time and it has the same 24 hours to respond stipulation as the dating side of the platform. The app also lets you flag if you’re vaccinated (yay).

I’ve used Bumble BFF in both of the cities I’ve lived in, to varying results (I started meeting people in Chicago in late February/early March 2020). But the concept overall is great. Meeting a romantic partner online is so common nowadays, why wouldn’t you try and make friends that way too?

But What Would We Do?

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So the next step after starting the conversation is figuring out if you want to meet up and where. Sometimes it’s super easy. Do you both like boba? Go grab a tea and chat. Do you like brunch? Make a reservation. Other times it might take some creativity, you might like movies or reading but the bookstore nearby doesn’t have a cafe. Work together and do something fun.

Bumble BFF Meet Up Ideas

  • Boba/Coffee Date
  • Activities like bowling, Top Golf, Axe Throwing
  • Picnic in the park
  • Paint and Sip
  • Pottery Class
  • Visit a museum
  • Try a new restuarant together

Try, try again

Bumble BFF might not be your jam. Maybe you can try an alumni group from college, or Twitter (most of my Chicago friendships were built from a hybrid of sorts of both of these things).

Have you moved to a new place? For work? College, a relationship? Let me know in the comments how you made new friends!

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