My Favorite Bad Movies + Why They’re Great for the Soul

I love bad movies, they have literally gotten me through the past year. “Prestige” films are great but the enjoyment that comes from good snacks and a ridiculous plot is truly underrated. If you need a laugh, if you just want to shut your brain off, or if you just don’t feel like paying attention to some Academy Award-worthy drama here are some of my favorites for you to check out.

Disclaimer: I am an interesting case because a lot of people would consider my favorite “good movies” to also be bad but I do not care.

1. The Entire Twilight Saga

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I went back and forth about including this franchise, because I can very effectively argue that the first movie is good. But then I remembered this is the franchise with quotables like “You better hold on tight spider monkey” being said from a werewolf to a vampire and “You nicknamed my baby after the Loch Ness Monster?!?” If you’re having a bad day, I promise you a visit to Forks, Washington is likely the cure.

2. Pregnancy Pact

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In high school, I went through a Lifetime movie era and this was and will always be my favorite. The story of a group of friends in Massachusetts deciding they will all get pregnant and raise their babies together is just so nonsensical but also is based around a true story. It’s a hot mess and a train wreck, I love it.

3. Another Cinderella Story

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I unapologetically love this movie, mostly for the final music performance at the end. I honestly think this movie works because it doesn’t take itself seriously. Also, I’m a Jane Lynch fan and she’s honestly hilarious in this.

4. Let it shine? Do DCOMs count? (fourth)

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Another final music sequence for the history books. I can rap parts of the final battle from memory, it’s a problem. Also, who doesn’t love Coco Jones, maybe I’d watch this less if more people would cast Coco Jones in more new things.

5. Cat in the Hat (fifth)

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This movie aged like a fine wine, I quote it constantly. Great movie for a bad day.

6. Spiderman 3? Maybe? I mean look at Toby dance

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This is a bad movie, but we all love it. I mean, the dance sequence is so iconic that they parodied is an excellent Spiderman movie (Into the Spiderverse, if you haven’t seen it I’m judging you).

What are your favorite bad movies? Let me know in the comments!

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