A Year In Covid, What I’ve Learned

So, we’ve officially been living through taking the pandemic “seriously” for over a year now. Seriously, is a word I’m using loosely. I have been working from home, whether in my apartment or from my parent’s home since March 16th, meaning that I have officially spent more time working from home at my first real job than I did in the office which was, jarring. Do you know what else was jarring? Being in your early 20s and being in the middle of trying to meet new people and make new friends and being stuck in the house halting that process. Imagine the loneliness.

It’s Ok to Be Honest About How You Feel

I didn’t want to complain or admit the difficulties because life could be worse, but that’s not healthy either. Loneliness can become dangerous, anxiety should be discussed, and you shouldn’t push that aside in order to appear alright. Then do something about these feelings which could be a walk in the park for fresh air or finding a therapist.

Embrace a New Routine

I have gone through about 80 different routines, I’m currently testing out a new one: early morning workouts, eating a fun breakfast and taking my evenings to myself.

Find Things That Bring You Joy

I LOVE picnics, fresh air and all. I always avoided it because every type of pollen gives me hives, not kidding. The fresh air, food, and company give me such good vibes. I’ve also learned that movies, wine, and good food is the perfect way to end the work week.

What lessons have you learned in the past year? Let me know in the comments!

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