Organization 101: A Planner Geek’s Guide to Getting Your Life Together

So, you may not know this about me but I am a planner GEEK! I love planning and organizational tools. I have apps on my phone for it, I have notebooks, to-do pads, and planner slips. I LIVE FOR IT. But, I’ve noticed that I may be a minority here, likely because it feels so overwhelming for some people. So I decided to share some tips on how to organize your life before we leave the month of January.

1. Pick a planner that works for you

You may think this is self-explanatory, but I promise it’s actually kind of hard. I make a list of planners I’m interested in and then have to choose the one that serves my needs best for my goals in the new year. This year it was the Create and Cultivate planner from Target. It had things I needed, was super affordable at $10, and small and stylish.

Other planners I was interested in included: the Papier, The Annual (a black-owned option), and CDG London planners.

2. Customize your planner

This is actually why I used to be a Happy Planner loyalist. I wanted to customize EVERYTHING. Now I focus on making plans for my personal and blog needs and meal planning for the week so I didn’t need something as involved as in previous years.

3. Keep work and personal tasks separate

This is a game-changer. You will overwhelm yourself if you try to keep both together. It’s also a way to keep boundaries between work and home as we all continue to Zoom call our way into oblivion. I use the To-Do sheets below which I get from Michaels (BONUS: these are Black-owned)!

Shop for the Capitol Chic Designs™ List Pad at Michaels

4. Don’t be hard on yourself

Every day won’t be perfect, and you will not get everything done. Be kind to yourself and celebrate what you do cross off your list.

Check out my Youtube video for tips and let me know how you plan in the comments!

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