And Now Our Watch Has Ended…

Ok, so last night was the Game of Thrones series finale and I have feelings, and what better place to work out these thoughts than on the blog. Please be aware that there will be spoilers in this one so if you haven’t watched yet save this one for after.


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Ok, so I want to start by saying 90% of the audience was tripping with their response to episode 5. I saw this storyline coming since Olenna Tyrell told her to be a dragon, sis told us seasons ago that if it took fire and blood that’s what it was going to take but her death seemed so unnecessary given how the rest of the finale played out. They gave her that amazing speech at the top of the steps, she got stabbed by Jon, and then what? I just don’t think the writer’s room fully understood that GOT deaths always feel purposeful and Dany’s just didn’t to me, and I think hers should’ve been one of the MOST important.


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Girl, why did we learn that you were a Targaryen for you to go be a wildling in the end? Why do you get to kill Dany for you to just run off into the forest with Tormund? In the words of Cardi B, WHAT WAS THE REASON?! I get they were trying to give Jon “his happy ending” since he literally hated all his promotions but it felt like a slap in the face to all the build-up they had about his lineage. Ew, just ew.


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My complaint with Arya is minor. Did my sis ever get to shut some green eyes? Because that prophecy was mad important a few weeks ago and now it means nothing? They made the best killer in the 7 kingdoms basically useless for the past couple weeks and now she’s Christopher Columbus sailing the seas? I guess.


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Am I mad Bran got the throne? Yes. But, at least it makes everyone wheeling him around all season have purpose because I was not seeing it for him at all this season.


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At least one person got a fully fleshed out arc with intention. Congratulations Sansa, we love you sis.

Jamie & Cersei

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What a waste of two great characters. Jamie’s redemption arc went out the window for what? And Cersei is likely one of the best villains of all time and we just let a rock fall on her and that was that. I’m upset.


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Girl, who gets to give a monologue, pick the new king on death row AND get a promotion all at once? Tyrion that’s who. Tyrion was one of my favorite characters until this season made him stupid. I hate to see you go out like that.


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Brienne isn’t technically the main cast but she’s in MY main cast so let’s talk about how the writer’s room paid my girl dust. Why on earth would you have Jamie leave my sis crying in the snow over Jamie just for her to go write his biography after it was all over? Did he really earn it? NO, because Jamie and Brienne’s arcs were paid dust.

Well, at least we got to see Jon pet ghost, that (& the shot of the dragon’s wings behind Dany) was the best part of this entire episode. But I’d love a second opinion. What do you all think of the ending of Game of Thrones? Did you love it? Did you hate it too? Let me know in the comments!

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