5 Christmas Movies You Need to Binge Right Now

1. This Christmas

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As discussed in my Christmas playlist blog post, the holiday season is the only time of year that I support Christopher Brown. This Christmas is truly one of the best Christmas movies out there and it is such a fun watch. This is a must watch every single year for me, but maybe that’s because it has Lauren London, Loretta Divine and more than one family Soul Train Line. Thankfully, this movie is a part of 25 Days of Christmas this year (thanks Freeform!)

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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This movie has been a favorite of mine for my entire life. It’s hilarious, meme-able, and just literally perfect. If you don’t love this movie there is something wrong with you, sorry but I don’t make the rules. And never forget the Grinch didn’t hate Christmas he hated that the Whos would not leave him alone! You can catch this movie on Netflix!

3. Polar Express

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Polar Express is for the pure of heart. There’s the hot chocolate dance number, the perfect song “When Christmas Comes to Town,” the Tokyo Drift-style train sequence, and Santa himself. You can always catch this one on TV but I don’t think it’s on any streaming platforms which is tragic.

4. Elf

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So, Elf is a classic and you probably don’t need me to tell you to go watch it but here I am, reminding you to include it in your holiday movie schedule!

 5. Holiday Calendar

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My last recommendation is this new Netflix release starring Quincy Brown (yes, Al B Sure’s son) and Kat Graham (Bonnie from Vampire Diaries). This movie has heart, the perfect dose of holiday corniness, and features Randall’s biological dad from This Is Us so it’s basically perfect. Trust me, you need to watch this.

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Let me know in the comments and hopefully, I can give them a try!

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