I Finally Tried Lush’s Mask of Magnamity

So, I finally tried what I consider Lush’s most popular mask after a year of being a little nervous to. Every review I’ve read said that this mask was a little drying, but after a trip to Lush in dire need of some recommendations. I picked up the self preserving version of the mask and decided to go for it. So… here are my thoughts.

First let’s get the bad out of the way, my skin felt kind of dry after using it, which was upsetting because I got the self preserving for the added honey, since my skin tends to be on the drier end of the spectrum, but it definitely could’ve been worse. However, for the good. It worked so well, my skin looked so much better I was obsessed. I went into Lush looking for a cleansing mask because my skin was angry with me and I definitely left happy with that aspect and the drying was not so bad that I wouldn’t use it again.

All in all, the product is definitely worth checking out and I’d definitely buy it again. What’s your favorite clay mask? What should I try next? Let me know in the comments!

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