10 Must-have Apps in 2018

We all have goals we want to achieve this year. Whether it’s perfecting your brand, getting healthier, or self care, I’ve compiled a list of apps guaranteed to help you get where you want to be this year.


If you know me you know I actually cannot live without Twitter. It’s just so funny, I get so much news from both the moments feature and on my timeline. Plus I feel like it’s the platform where people are their most authentic selves. Instagram tends to be for people to only put up their best, Facebook is essentially dead to my peers, but Twitter is where we can openly talk about both our downfalls and our successes. Plus its an easy way to find articles and get news instantly.

Pocket Schedule

I’ve talked about this wonderful app in my GPA advice post. This app helps me stay organized and it’s honestly the best thing on my phone during the semester. I can put in my schedule, assignments, tasks and exams with notifications on all of them.


I’ve never mentioned this app but I’ve been open about my struggles with my periods. This comes in handy when I go into the OBGYN because not only does it keep track of my period days but it also lets me keep track of my symptoms and how bad they are during that time. This app is an awesome way to keep track of your reproductive health!


Trust me, I know Buzzfeed can be annoying, but I can watch Ladylike videos (shout out to Freddie a Howard University Alum) and take those silly yet addicting quizzes in one little app. Plus, Buzzfeed’s news department is on it’s A game so I can always be in the know from this app and read a random listicle in my spare time.


This app is a life saver. I make all of my thumbnails for the blog on canva.com so having the app so I can save them quickly to post to Instagram is extremely helpful. I can also do quick edits in the meantime.


So, when I started with my medicine I was so inconsistent. I had gotten better but I wanted to be able to keep track of my consistency. Enter Strides. It even actually helps me blog more. My current goals are to floss more, write potential blog posts more often, and to take my medicine and vitamins, exercise daily, read more often, and meditate.


Drinking water is great and I do it but I just like being conscious of just how much I drink a day. It lets you set goals and the app icon adjusts with how much you drink through the day so it’s always right there on your home screen screen. Ignore my lack of entries I haven’t been remembering to track.

Glo Bible

I haven’t had a physical bible since I got my first iPad, please don’t judge me. I’ve been through a ton of bible apps but this one is definitely my favorite. I love using it to take notes and I plan on utilizing the reading plans soon too.


I get inspiration randomly and I’m always on the go so I keep WordPress on my phone so I can right, edit, or check blog posts no matter where I am. You can also use the app to track your stats, read other blogs, and approve comments.

Cash App

This is honestly a necessity we all need to get. It makes ordering food together, picking up something for a friend, or paying for a service so much easier, the only complaint is the 10% fee to get your money immediately (but its only a 24 hour wait, no biggie).

What app can you not imagine living without? Let me know in the comments.

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