Lush’s Brazened Honey Face Mask

So, if you haven’t noticed I am slightly obsessed with Lush face masks, and I can’t help trying new ones. I actually ended up with Brazened Honey on accident, I wanted another one of the ones I had tried before but they were sold out. This mask however, has become one of my favorites. Like all the masks I have tried this one does need to be refrigerated.

How it works

It works amazingly. My face was definitely brighter after my first use, the mask gave my face an added glow. I would definitely use this mask again because my face tends to get dull in the winter. It’s not really a mask for break outs the way some other Lush masks are.


The application

It tightens but not as much as a mask like Cosmetic Catastrophe. It warms up a little too, not just going for refrigerated temperature to room temperature but like it’s actually a little warmer. I love how it doesn’t powder up as badly as cosmetic Catastrophe too.

Is it worth it?

I definitely believe this product it worth it, I honestly can’t wait to try it again! You can get it for $9.95 at your local Lush and it lasts for a decent amount of time in relation to the amount of product you get.

Where do you get your face masks? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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