Spring Break 2017 ft. Food Ratings by Sasha 

Unfortunately, spring break 2017 I didn’t have any huge turn up plans. I went home and brought one of my best friends from school with me, Sasha. Fair warning, most of this trip involved eating.


 We started our vacation, if you want to call it that, early on Saturday. Sasha had two goals, figure out if all the things I miss from home are actually as good as I say they are & to shop, a lot. So the first place I took her was Zaxby’s, basically my favorite place in the entire world. Her rating: 10 stars out of 5, because Zaxby’s is life. Later that day I took her to the St. John’s Town Center, where she made a list of things she wanted to buy later in the week. The last stop on Saturday was Publix. At first Sasha was confused by the way my family and I talked about Publix, she asked if it was a restaurant or a grocery store and why we liked the chicken and lemonade so much. She soon got her first taste of both, the chicken earned a 6/5 while the tea + lemonade combo I gave her earned 3/5 (she’s a hater Publix lemonade is perfection). 


It was a very chill day. We went to church & out to brunch with my parent’s at Uptown Market and got our nails done. Rating: 2/5, understandable. We also looked super cute for church.

Sasha’s breakfast
Post-church mirror picture

 We went to go volunteer at my mom’s job. I like going up there because the staff knows & loves me, but I don’t know how Sasha felt because they are a lot to take in all at once. I also took her to Steak ‘n Shake because it was Happy Hour and I was craving one of their milkshakes. Her rating was a 5/5. 


 I took Sasha to St Augustine’s Outlet because I knew she wanted something from Kate Spade. The drive down was fun & afterwards I took her to taco Tuesday at Tijuana Flats. I was nervous about this one because Cali people are basically taco connoisseurs. Her taco rating 3/5, I’m kind of proud of T Flats for holding up a little weight against a taco lover like Sasha. For dinner we hit upBoiling Crawfish, because Tuesday is the crab leg combo’s discounted day and I really love crab legs. Sasha got fried shrimp but I let her taste some of my food since she had never had it before (clearly I love her because this is my favorite meal in the world). On the way home we lowkey got lost because I never go on that side of town & my Google Maps was talking like it was a library. That night, I gave her some Blue Bell ice cream, because Blue Bell. 

Fried shrimp basket: 7/5

Crab legs: 5/5

Boiled shrimp: 4/5

Sausage: 6/5

Blue Bell: 3/5


St. Augustine Outlet


It was our lazy day. We slept in and didn’t really get up until the late afternoon and then headed to the mall and got a few things. I took Sasha to Publix this time to get a sub, she ranks it a 3/5. I also took her to a Italian ice place, Jeremiah’s, which she gave a /5.


Thursday I got rangled into helping with a school dance at my mom’s job, it was a fundraiser for the band to be able to participate in a parade in Savannah. All I had to do was sell snacks so it wasn’t a big deal plus I don’t mind helping unless I have to discipline students myself (I’m way too young for them to take seriously). 


By Friday my mom was tired of me “only taking Sasha to shop and eat” even though that’s all I do. So she decided to take her to Kingsley Plantation & the beach. My mother takes every single person who visits to Kingsley  so that was sort of boring to do for the 20th time. However the beach was a great change of pace since I hadn’t been in a while. Later that night Sasha and I headed to Velocity Air Sports, a trampoline park. I tried and failed on the tightrope & trapeze but I had a bunch of fun.

Slave quarters at Kingsley
Master’s house
Cute beach flicks
Cute beach flicks



Saturday was possibly the best day of break because we went to Orlando. We woke up early so we could head to my parents and I’s favorite breakfast spot, Keke’s (Sasha score: 4/5). Then we went to Mall at Millenia to start a day of shopping. Next, we went to the outlet and I got weak and did a lot of shopping because Kate Spade and Tory Burch were having fantastic sales. Lastly, we went to Disney Springs because it was across the street. We watched a few street performers and just walked around for fun. 

Shopping is my kryptonite

Sasha’s breakfast
My breakfast

What’d you do for spring break? Let me know in the comments!

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