How to Throw that GPA in a Circle

Here’s my how to guide on how to get the best grades possible in college:

1. Stay organized!

The best way to keep your grades up is to keep up with everything you need to do. I might just overdo organization a tad but it works for me. I use both a schedule app and a physical planner. My app is called Pocket Schedule. Before the semester starts I put in all my classes, when you upload the app you give each class a color (I match my notebooks for each class to the color I use in the app). Then after I get my classes syllabus if there are any major assignment dates already provided I put those in the app and choose a reminder date. This helps me not forget that I have big assignments that are upcoming throughout the semester. I also add tasks for things I need to do every night during the semester, like reading my textbooks. I use my physical planner to write down when something is assigned, then I can add it to my app later. Writing things down also helps me remember.

Here’s a sample of how I use my Pocket Schedule app



2. Get ahead on work!
Crazy right? I always try to get ahead on my work. Even if something is assigned to be due 2 weeks from now I’ll get a head start and only have to work on it a little bit at a time. Not only does starting to work early minimize stress when it’s time to turn an assignment in*, but it also gives you time to edit and perfect your work at the end.

*organization & saving your assignment different places also minimizes stress. I honestly save my work in 3 different spots. My computer, a flash drive, & a cloud. Better safe than sorry!

3. Sleep, sleep, sleep!

I cannot stress how important sleep is to keeping up your grades. I try to get 7 hours of sleep each night. It doesn’t always work out, and usual if I get too much sleep then it’s hard to wake up the next day. Naps are also the key to success. I try not to let my nap fall past an hour to an hour and a half because those naps from 2-6 make it hard to go to bed at night and make me lose valuable work time. You can get a healthier amount of sleep if you don’t procrastinate, less all nighters = more precious sleep.

4. Have friends that motivate you!

Work on homework together. Check in on each other. Sometimes just sitting with someone else while you work makes that paper just a little less awful. You can laugh together, ask for help, have someone keep you focused, and you’re less likely to use your phone because your friend(s) are right there!

5. Take a break, treat yoself!

Take breaks when you work. If you work for an hour, take a 30 minute break to watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, grab a snack, start up a round of 8 ball with your friend. Since you got a head start on your work there’s no more need to cram 6 hours of straight homework. The work will seem like less if you take breaks.

Kick back and eat some popcorn

6. Actually go to class

I know. Class is a pain. Some professors are boring, they talk too much, it’s just plain annoying but it pays off in the end. Going to class means you might figure out how your professer talks, making it easier to decipher tricky test questions, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the chapter because it was reviewed in class. Plus sometimes good attendance can throw a couple points your way at the end of the semester.

Sitting in your 8 am like

Disclaimer: Everything doesn’t work for everyone. I’m not some expert, I just have had a lot of success because I did these things. Tell me below how you make sure your GPA is popping!

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