Closet Cleanout

Spring cleaning is upon us, and you may considering including a closet clean out on your to-do list. But, it may seem overwhelming, or you may not know what to keep and what to get rid of.

1. Start in the Spring but Have Consistency

Cleaning out all of your clothes is not always a once a year thing. Set a time to revisit this process throughout the year. Things you think you needed in March or April you may be reconsidering in August.

2. Just in Case Clothes are Not Bad or Wrong

I have just in case clothes, and I’ve needed them. The “you don’t wear it often” thing doesn’t work for all of us. Sometimes there’s last minute work events, parties, or other occasions you don’t want to buy new items for. I often challenge myself to pack for trips with as many items I already own as possible (I actually pulled this off on my honeymoon!). Just make sure these clothes fit properly still and that you’ll actually want to use them when the time arises.

3. Use this as a chance to hone your style

Reflect on the things you’re getting rid of and why you’re getting rid of them. Do they no longer fit you? Do you not wear them anymore? Why not? Is it just something that doesn’t fit with the rest of your wardrobe? Practicing this level on intention and care will really help you next time you go shopping!

Overall, you don’t have to get rid of everything, but cleaning out your closet is an important part of cleaning up. Do you have any advice that’s helped you in this process? Let me know in the comments!

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