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Affordable Activities for Solo Dates & Friends

Everything is so expensive that often even breathing feels like too much money. But, it’s so important to spend time with ourselves (or with friends) and get out of the house from time to time. That’s why I’m sharing a list of free or cheap activities to incorporate into you life and inspire.

Walk at a local park

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Walking in a park is such a nice, free activity. Bring along a blanket, download something to watch TV on, a book to read, and your headphones in case you want to stop and relax in the grass. Also, don’t forget water and a quick snack.

Chilis 3 for $10

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Honestly, hating Chili’s is a character flaw. While I love a good, upscale meal, a quick bite at Chili’s by yourself or with a couple of friends is always a great time.

Coffee shop + book trade

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If you love books, pick a coffee shop to check out and trade a read with your friend. You could come up with a theme or simply talk about why you selected the books you did.

Farmers market

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Check out seasonal produce and local businesses at a farmers’ market. Kind of like a walk, but with fruits and veggies!

High Museum (on a free day)

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An Atlanta-specific suggestion, there are days during the month when it’s discounted or even free to participate. I’m also partial to the Frequency Friday event, it’s a blast.

Movie night with friends

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Bring snacks, especially themed ones, and pick a movie (or two) to watch as a group.

Spa night with friends

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Similar to movie night, do a spa night. Paint nails, do facials, and have a relaxing time.

Painting or craft night

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Another night in, pick a craft you bookmarked from TikTok or get painting supplies and get to artsy for the night. This is a good friend night or a good date activity.

Game night

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This is the last “night” recommendation. Everyone bring a board or card game to play. My personal favorites are Uno, Rumicube, & Phase 10.


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Slightly different than other recommendations on this list. Do some volunteer work! A food bank, at a library, stuff backpacks or anything else. Find opportunities on Volunteer Match.

Solo dance party

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This is an excellent mood booster. Turn on the playlist and sing and dance your heart out alone with yourself, or with a friend if you have one that’s into that.

What are your favorite affordable activities to do? Drop them in the comments, I may try a few!

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