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Organizing Your New Year (2023 Planner Templates)

It’s a new year and we’re focusing on improving ourselves in a sustainable and productive way! For all my digital planner users, I have some templates that I’m using to keep track of my life. This year I’ll be selling them on Etsy, so please support and purchase if this is something you’d think would be helpful for reaching your goals.

2023 Goal Setting Sheet

If you haven’t made your goals yet this year, check out this 2023 goal-setting sheet and self-care planner. It’s meant to help you set SMART goals in different categories to get you through this year with smaller tangible goals to meet each quarter.

Buy it on Etsy.

Wellness Tracker

This tracker helps you keep track of your wellness activities and is perfect for folks with ADHD because it also includes a place to keep track of when you take your medicine. You can also track your mood, your exercise, your water intake, and more.

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Budget Tracker

This finance tracker was such a useful tool for me last year that I had to tweak it and bring it back for 2023. Set your financial goals, track your spending for the month against your budget, and reflect on how you did this year to prepare for the next one!

Buy it on Etsy

Book Journal

For my book lovers, this book journal is a great way to track what you’ve read, what you’ve liked, and why you liked them.

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How do you plan and track throughout the year? Let me know in the comments!

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