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3 Perfect Gifts for Friends for All Occasions

One thing I’ve aimed to be more intentional about is my friendships. That includes checking in more often (I have no sense of the passage of time, making plans when possible, and celebrating their wins/milestones whenever possible. Since my love language gifts, I love to send them something when I can. If you have a birthday or another special occasion coming up soon here are a few options for you to give:

1. Care packages (make your own or BoxFox)

Care packages are my favorite because you can make them as specific to the occasion as possible. For example, I sent a friend starting grad school soon a gift box for self-care with a book for her to read, a notebook, skincare, and other goodies. For this one, I used the company BoxFox and the shipping and curation were absolutely seamless. I’m also putting together another gift box for a friend right now but I can’t share what’s in it (she reads the blog). Both experiences let me put thought and care into the process and were a blast to do.

Best for: life milestones, birthdays, holidays

2. Flowers

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This one is classic and self-explanatory. Sending flowers is a great way to say you are thinking of someone and can brighten up their space instantly. This one is great as a spontaneous gift as well since you don’t have to tie it to anything necessarily.

Best occasions: housewarmings, just because, to say thank you

3. Gift cards

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I love a good gift card. Whether it’s a gas card (who wouldn’t love that right about now), a gift card for a restaurant that they are obsessed with, something for their favorite store, or even a movie theater gift card it’s the best type of gift to me. It shows you know what they enjoy without having to guess things like their size or the worry of accidentally picking out something they already have.

Best occasions: thank yous, times of stress, birthdays/holidays

What’s your favorite gifts to give your besties?

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