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6 Awesome Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

If you’re a regular you know that I love a good book, and the best time to read is definitely at a park or buy the pool during the summer (bonus points if you have a fun drink like iced coffee or a cocktail). Also, this post will contain affiliate links, so if you do purchase through these Amazon links I will receive compensation. However, I’ll never recommend a book I don’t enjoy.

Truth of the Divine by Lindsay Ellis (and its predecessor Axiom’s End)

This sci-fi series is one of my favorites, the first entry ranked pretty well on my 2020 reading list, and the sequel does not disappoint either! With themes about love, loyalty, and personhood I recommend this for anyone looking for a fun summer read that isn’t directly romantic in nature. Get it on Amazon.

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

This book gets heartbreaking but it is amazing! This one is perfect for a glass of wine on your porch and a bowl of popcorn. Two former friends and lovers reunite after a split 11 years prior. We go on their journey to each other then and their potential reunion now. Will the realities of their present and the difficulties of the past cause them to continue to be strangers? Or pull them back to one another? Find out and get the book here.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

You know I had to include a fun romance novel. This book is heartfelt, funny, and features Asian and neurodiverse characters. Perfect for a smoothie or boba on a blanket in the park. After Khai’s mother chooses Esme as a bride for him in Vietnam, the two must learn to live with each other until their wedding day approaches. Check it out on Amazon.

Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala

This mystery is a fun read, making it perfect for the summer months. When someone winds up dead after dining at Lila’s family’s restaurant all eyes turn to her as the prime suspect. Desiring to clear her name and protect the family business she goes on a mission to find the real killer. Solve the mystery and get this one here.

The Rest of the Story by Sara Dessen

I have a podcast all about this one. This YA entry is heartwarming and makes you wish you could have a lake vacation. If you’re not sold just yet take a listen to our episode on it here. Or just read it yourself.

Act Your Age Eve Brown (just read the whole series) by Talía Hibbert

Another romance novel, this one just makes you feel good. After Eve’s latest slip up she runs off and ends up with a job at a nearby bed and breakfast. The owner, and her new boss, isn’t the most friendly to start with but the story that unfolds is precious, romantic and a joy to read. And if this one gets you hooked go back and read her sister’s stories as well.

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