8 Fun Date Ideas for the Summer

Have a Picnic

man and woman laying on picnic mat
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I love a good picnic on a day with beautiful weather. My favorite way to plan one is to each take a couple of courses to own and surprise the other with. My husband and I will go to a grocery store together and take either the appetizer, entree, side, or dessert. It even adds a competition or surprise element if you like that.

Take a Cocktail Class

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I haven’t done this as a date, only with friends. But if you can find a cocktail class nearby, I think you’d definitely have a blast.

Check Out a Drive-in/Outdoor Movie

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Going to a drive-in movie in Chicago had such a retro vibe, making it one of my favorite dates. Plus, you can talk without being rude! There are lots of drive-in theaters still operating post-2020. Find a park showing movies one night and combine it with the picnic if you can’t find a theater nearby.

Visit Somewhere New on a Day Trip

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Take a day trip to hike or explore a small town nearby.

Head to a Theme Park

red roller coaster
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It’s summer, duh. Put on your comfiest shoes and go ride some rides, eat junk food, and make some memories!

Work up a Sweat in a Class

women doing a yoga on yoga mat
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WARNING: This only works if you’re a fitness couple. Check out a workout class that interests you both.

Stroll through a Farmers Market

vegetables stall
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If you love to make fun meals or take casual walks together, the farmers market is a perfect date idea. Use the ingredients you buy to make something delicious together. Or you can both discover local vendors you love.

Go Fruit Picking

a person picking a strawberry
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

Kind of like the farmers’ market, picking fruits and vegetables together is a wonderful bonding activity. Look up what’s grown near you and when. It could become a fun activity throughout the year, not just during the summer.

What’s your favorite summer date activity? Let me know in the comments.

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