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3 Tips to Prepare for a New Job

If you’re like me, you might be in your mid-twenties and possibly still in your first “big girl” job, wondering whether or not to move on to something new. Or you’re in a new role and feel less than comfortable as you once did. I was recently in both positions while I considered a job offer and decided to share some tips to help navigate.

Write, Pray, Reflect

Open your journal, talk to God, and think about where you are in life. You may need that extra level of introspection to discover what is next for you professionally. Maybe all you need is a direct conversation with your current manager (more on that later), or perhaps it is time to step out and try something new somewhere new. Either way, it’s imperative to look inside yourself for what you need to make the correct decision for you.

This introspection is also imperative when it’s time to choose your new role. Do you feel like the team is a good fit for where you want to go? Do you think those new challenges will be good ones? Or are you leaving for a less than ideal situation?

Discomfort is good, sometimes

It’s okay to feel uncomfortable as long as it’s in the right way. Feeling nervous because it’s something new our you’re taking on additional responsibilities is a good thing. Feeling discomfort due to the work environment or unhealthy pressures is another. It’s one thing if speaking up on calls with a new team makes you nervous because you’re still learning. Feeling like you’ll be talked down to or treated as less than because of what you say is something entirely different.

Same with the workload, if you feel stressed because you’re learning a new process or in a temporary busy period, that’s fine. But, if you feel like you are being taken advantage of and overworked, maybe it’s time for something different.

Speak Up

It’s important to let your voice be heard, whether that is to your current manager or in meetings at the new position. Maybe that conversation could hold you with your current company exploring some new opportunities. Or it could be in a new role, helping your team feel confident in you and what you bring to the table. Either way, raising your hand and contributing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions is necessary.

Have you started a new job? How’d that go? Are you considering switching jobs? Where are you in that process? Let me know in the comments.

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