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5 Activities to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

It’s officially time for some summer fun! This year I’m hoping to be super intentional about how I spend my time so that I actually get out of the house; which is why I’m sharing a couple of items from my summer bucket list to help inspire you to do some of the same.

1. Ziplining

I’m based in Atlanta where there are a couple of opportunities to have some fun up in the trees and I’m really hoping to try one of those out this summer.

2. Braves Game

I’ve been to a game before and they’re so much fun. Making an intentional decision to try and get to another one this summer!

3. Try At Least 2 New Brunch Spots

I love brunch (especially bottomless), but I’ve been off my game lately. So here’s hoping I can try a couple of new restaurants and get some reviews out!

4. Make new friends

This one probably seems a bit less specific and more long-term than other entries on this list. But, after spending the past year wedding planning meeting new people was on the backburner for me. This is my chance to change that.

5. Host a Dinner Party

I recently got married (more on how the turned out soon!) and got a ton of things I want to use to host from my registry. Best way to do that? Have a dinner party. So, that’s what I plan to do.

What fun plans do you have for the summer? Let me know in the comments.

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