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7 Awesome Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. A Nice Dinner or Brunch

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Treating your mother to quality time is a great idea. Just make sure you pick somewhere she loves not where you love. Think about her favorite restaurants and pick a place that she already likes or a new spot with a similar menu/vibe.

2. An Actually Curated Self-Care Set

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This is something you can make if your mom is local. If she’s into self-care curate some shower steamers, face masks, maybe a bottle of wine or candle in scents they like with snacks she enjoys. Just please I beg of you do NOT get one of those premade ones from Target.

3. Airline Gift Card

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Order a digital one if your mom is cool with technology. If not, have one sent to the house with a nice note! Either way, help her go on her next getaway.

4. Cleaning service

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Get them a certificate for a local cleaning service! Take something off their plate for the week, the month, or however long you think makes sense.

5. Books

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My mom is a reader, if yours is too then get them a few books to check out! The best way to do this is to head to your local bookstore with an idea of the kinds of novels she enjoys and ask for recommendations based on those. (Or if she uses a platform like Goodreads just snoop on her TBR)

6. Makeup

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I’m my mom’s main “beauty influencer” she’s always asking what I’m using and what she should try. So take this as an opportunity to get her some makeup to try without her needing to ask.

7. Gift card to their favorite store

assorted clothes

Self-explanatory, like with the airline gift card,. Very few people dislike gift cards, plus if it’s to a store they love it shows you pay attention.

What do you plan to get your mother/maternal figure?

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