Puerto Rico Bachelorette Recap + 4 Tips for The Perfect Trip

So, I did a joint Bachelorette/Bachelor trip with my fiance last month in Puerto Rico and it was so much fun! I’m sharing a little recap of what we did, where we ate, some of the bridal looks I wore, and finally some tips for making your Bachelorette weekend amazing. 😄

Day 1 – Travel Day, Welcome Dinner, & Kings Cup Extreme

The first day was extremely chill because it was a travel day. We came in and went to dinner as a full group since this trip was a Bachelor/Bachelorette hybrid trip since my fiance and I are besties. This was an opportunity for the group to get to know each other and eat some delicious food. After that, we all played a game of King’s Cup Extreme and went to bed to get ready for the first full day.

Day 2 – Brunch Mishap, Broken Shoe, a Boat Ride, Old San Juan, Paella, La Placita

This day started rough because we had a brunch reservation at a restaurant that was closed? But we pivoted quickly and ended up at a yummy place next door called Tostado! While we were there my shoes broke (which definitely sucked but lucky that it happened before we were out and about fully). After that, there was a surprise for me which was a boat ride! It was so fun, we had music, drinks, and snacks plus it was pretty adventurous because the boat kept tipping on my side which was crazy stressful. After the boat, we headed to Old San Juan to walk around before getting ready for dinner, which included the delicious paella you see above from Condal. After dinner, we partied in La Placita. Funny story, we had to avoid my fiance after we ended up in the same bar.

Day 3 – Brunch, Bacardi, Beach, Lobster Ravioli, and a Syd party

Day three was definitely my favorite! We started off with brunch at Musa where I got mac and cheese before we went to Bacardi for a mixology class. Probably my favorite activity of the trip, I learned a ton and had some really good rum and cocktails. After the class, we headed to the beach to end our daytime activities. Hanging on the beach with my girls was definitely needed. That night after dinner I met my friends in their room where they threw a “Syd Party” where they dressed up as my hobbies, interests, inside jokes it was extremely funny and cute. That night we decorated the guy’s doors with the leftover decorations.

Day 4 – ATV Tour, the Best Dinner Eeeeever, & Mafia

On our final day, it was time for an activity with the guys, and an ATV tour. The views were gorgeous and we had a good time for sure. We even had a stop on the river. After a much-needed shower and nap, it was time for our farewell dinner at CAÑA where I got some amazing crab and prawn rice and a side of mofongo. It was easily the best meal of the trip and the drinks were equally tasty. That night we played a very hectic game of Mafia before saying our goodbyes.

Some Tips

Let Your Girls Plan

I really did leave this trip in my bridal party’s hands and they more than delivered it was amazing. From the surprise boat ride to the dinners, they really did what needed to be done and gave me the brain space I needed to get wedding planning done!

If You’re Considering a Joint Trip, Do It

I know joint weekends like this are becoming more popular and there’s a reason for this. You love your partner, you have fun with them, and you may even share a couple of friends so it’ll be a great time. But please ensure you spend time with YOUR friends separate from each other, you’re preparing for a lifetime together.

Pack Snacks, but You Knew That

I take medicine that requires me to eat before I take it, so here’s your reminder to pack a couple of snacks to keep on you. They’ll also come in handy between all the partying you’re doing.

Plan Your Outfits Methodically

Be realistic about what you’ll feel confident and comfortable in throughout the day. Plan your outfits next to your itinerary so you feel prepared. Also, pack a couple of extra tops, bottoms, and shoes, you may end up like me and have a broken shoe and you want to be able to pivot rather quickly.

Enjoy This

This trip should not be stressful it should be a fun celebration and a way to relax and escape the hecticness that is wedding planning.

Where did you or would you go on your Bachelorette weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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