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Things I’m Obsessed With – March 2022 Edition

So, I go through these phases where I get really into specific things for a period of time. You could chalk it up to my ADHD, but I think my obsessions are really interesting

Fave Eats – Boba Tea, Cava and Sweetgreen

I cannot describe how into these three things I’ve been lately. They are truly the key to my heart. I could have them every day and be at peace. My favorite Boba Tea order right now is a peach milk tea with mango popping boba and tapioca pearls, it is perfect. When it comes to Cava and Sweetgreen I feel like you can’t go wrong customizing your own bowl. But if you want a specific Sweetgreen order the Chicken Pesto Parm is absolute perfection.

Music – Throwback Usher & Show Tunes

So I went to see Usher in Vegas at the end of 2021 and so, my obsession continues. You can’t beat vocals and a good boom kack you just can’t! However, when it comes to songs from my favorite musicals No One is Alone from Into the Woods and the entire Heather’s soundtrack are inescapable at this point.

TV – All American & All American: Homecoming, Abbott Elementary, Rewatching PLL and Dance Academy

If there’s anything I’m going to do it’s watch TV. The entire All American television franchise is amazing. I have zero to few notes depending on the week. Abbott Elementary is also in the realm of perfection leaving me giggling about episodes for days after viewing. I also love a good throwback, especially ones my fiance has never seen which is why we’re watching Pretty Little Liars (for comedy) and Dance Academy (for the soul).

Reads: Bridgerton Series Books 1 and 2

This also semi falls into the same category as television since these are the basis of the first two seasons of the show (each of which I binged in a day). But as a lover of romance books both of these are fun reads I continue to think about even after I’m done. This is a Kate Sheffield/Sharma stan account it’s true.

Film: King Richard & Tick Tick Boom

These movies made the leading actor category at the Oscars super fun for me personally, both Will and Andrew gave incredible performances. You’ve also probably heard parts of the songs from TTB all over TikTok. I can’t recommend either of these enough. Great stories about two extremely talented and influential men.

Beauty Favorites: Fenty Gloss Bomb in Taffy Tea$e & Pedicures

I love lip gloss and this color may be my perfect shade! Just look at that selfie. I also love a good pedicure. It makes me feel pampered and relaxed, I can read or listen to podcasts, it’s really a win-win.

Physical Activity – Dance Classes

a ballerina dancing in the studio
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I grew up dancing, it was my thing for most of my life. So adult dance classes have really helped me physically and mentally lately. One dance teacher nearly made me cry tears of joy with a compliment in a ballet class.

What have been your favorite things lately? Let me know in the comments!

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