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7 Spring Self Care Ideas to Help You Reset

It’s finally springtime and your self-care should reflect the warming weather, flowers, and sun that come along with this season. To help inspire you I’m sharing some self-care ideas for you to add to your weekends and evenings to take full advantage of Spring.

1. Farmer’s Market

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I love a farmer’s market, you can find unique things, support local farmers and businesses, and it’s just a nice change of pace. Plus, if it’s outdoors you get fresh air and some sun.

2. Go for walks

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Similar to going to the market, putting on music or a podcast and going for a walk is always a great quick self-care opportunity. Breathing in the fresh air and taking some time to move your body is so good for your mental health.

3. Clean and Organize Your Closet

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Clearing out your space provides the opportunity to refresh and renew your space and reduce clutter. Take some time to select items to donate and refold clothes to make sure nothing has fallen into the cracks when putting away your laundry!

4. Picnic

I love a good picnic. Pack some fruit, cheese and bread or your favorite snacks and enjoy a solo picnic or invite friends! It’s a good way to either bond or clear your head depending on your approach.

5. Read outdoors

Similar to a picnic, grab a blanket and your current book and read in the sun. I love doing this because it gives me something different to go along with one of my favorite activities.

6. Rooftop drinks

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This is for my people who are recharged by social interactions. Friendship is important to mental health and fostering them is imperative. Meet with friends on a rooftop for a few drinks and conversation you won’t regret it.

7. Buy plants

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Gift yourself flowers or buy some plants for your home. Having these things in your space will help you feel more alive and calming than you’d typically expect.

How do you enjoy the Spring? Let me know in the comments!

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