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Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are essentially a part of kicking off your wedding preparation in my opinion. It’s one of the first things you and your betrothed will do together and these photos will probably be used in other places. I want to start by saying engagement photos serve one of two purposes: to get you acquainted with your wedding photographer if you’re using the same one for both and/or providing photos for your save the dates.


Where do you want to do them? Is there a location that’s special to you and your partner? What about outdoors at a park or on the beach? Is there something in theme you could do? Have this conversation and move from there.


Figuring out what to wear was hard for us, mostly because we didn’t want to be too dressed up since it didn’t feel like us and didn’t want something too casual or “matchy” because it felt cringe. So, we did two sets of photos one dressier one more casual.


If you have a good photographer (we’ll get to that) you don’t need to do much prep work here, but I do recommend scrolling through Pinterest to see if you have some “must try” poses or even to get an idea of what you absolutely do not want.

The Photographer

Many wedding photographers have packages that include an engagement session if needed, which can definitely help simplify this process (and allows you to gel with your photographer before the wedding).

But, in our case we did our engagement shoot in a different city than our wedding photographer, and we didn’t want to do anything “too extravagant.” That’s why when my cousin recommended we use Shoott we decided to look into it. Shoott made finding a location easy as they have set places to meet your photographer. Even better, you only pay for the photos you purchase. We did two different sessions at two locations and it was super simple and the photos turned out great.

If you’re looking for something to use for a quick photo need (think last minute headshots, family photos, etc) please look into Shoott. I am even sharing my discount code: BCD9EACB. PS. This is not sponsored, I just really loved my experience!

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