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5 Steps to Building the Perfect Routine

This post has been in the works for a while now, but since I hadn’t really found routines that worked for me I didn’t want to share this post prematurely. d

Syd’s Bed Time Routine

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  1. Pick out clothes: I like to have my clothes ready for the next day!
  2. Shower: I hop in the shower for the night if I haven’t exercised that day after work.
  3. Brush Teeth: Self explanatory!
  4. Skincare Routine: Time for my evening skincare.
  5. Take Medicine: I take my medicine for the evening.
  6. Journal: I write in my journal for the evening.
  7. Prayer: I do my evening prayer with my fiance.
  8. Pillow Spray: I have a sleep spray I love to use before bed and put on a lip mask to sleep in!

Syd’s Morning Routine

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  1. Planner: I do my planner in the morning to kick off my day!
  2. Brush teeth: Self explanatory!
  3. Get Dressed: I head and get dressed for the day.
  4. Wash Face: I then wash my face and do my morning skincare
  5. Style Hair: I take the opportunity to style my hair and put the final touches on myself/
  6. Morning Task: I usually knock out a wedding planning or personal task before work to free up my evening!
  7. Breakfast: I make some breakfast fo myself and pour a glass of water.
  8. Take Vitamins: I take my vitamins for the morning.
  9. Meditate and Sign In: I take some deep breaths and sign in for work!


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Ask yourself these questions.

  • How do you want to feel at the end of your routine?
  • What do you want to accomplish throughout your day?
  • Is this doable in the time I’m willing to allot to it?

Build Your List

I use the app Routinely because it lets me allot a length of time to the various steps. Not only does it help me picture my routine it helps me see how long it’d be

Try It

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Execute your routine a few times and see how it feels, reflect on if it’s changing anything and how you’re feeling about those changes. You want to feel good, not stressed or overwhelmed


Make tweaks to your routine. I know because I didn’t give myself the time to do things like using the bathroom or stretch in my routine on the app it made me feel rushed so even though I felt silly for having to add things like that to the routine, it helped me keep track of my time better and how long my routines would realistically take.

At first, I was exercising in the mornings, didn’t love how that made me feel at the end of my day but then I was just rolling out of bed and rushing into work. So I needed to find a way to meet myself in the mirror.


Be consistent! You won’t know how your routine is working if you’re not executing it.

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Do you have a routine? What do you do to feel rested, reset, and in control? Let me know in the comments!

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