I Gave Up Social Media for Lent + 3 Tips For Your Fast

Can you believe Lent is already here next week? Neither can I! Last year I gave up two things last year: Social Media & Food Delivery and it was ROUGH. I was still living in Chicago, winter hadn’t broken yet and I knew I’d have to walk or make my own food which I hated (mostly on the weekend). But it also presented me the opportunity to clear my head and appreciate the world around me and spend less time scrolling through my phone to order food. Then the decision to cut out social media had a lot to do with the amount of time I spent on it and how it was becoming too important in my daily life for me.

And while the benefits were immense the FOMO was definitely difficult at times (plus I use social media at work so I had to use two accounts and it was just so much.) But there were a few secular benefits as well:

  • Clearer headspace
  • I got more fresh air
  • I prayed more
  • I ate better
  • I went to Bible study more consistently
  • More time for hobbies too!

Now, here are three tips for you to keep in mind if you choose to participate in Lent this year.

Give up what you’re giving up with God in Mind

Lent is about your relationship with God first and foremost and what you’re fasting from shouldn’t just be arbitrary in my opinion. Maybe it’s coffee, wine, or even shopping. Maybe it’s something less tangible, I have friends who’ve fasted from procrastination.

You May Not be Perfect, That’s Okay

Nobody is perfect and while you want to have a perfect Lent season you may stumble. The best way to keep moving is to pray, recognize the root of that shortcoming and keep moving forward.

Find Your Support System

Mine was my Bible study group as we were having weekly check-ins during our sessions, but maybe you have a friend or family member who can help you through your fast. Also, God is your greatest support system be sure to pray through it!

Let me know what you’re fasting from this Lent in the comments!

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