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Six Cozy Activities to Warm Up this Winter

Since the weather is cold, I think we tend to spend more time indoors, and sometimes that can get redundant (or isolating).

Movie Marathon

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This is honestly the only actively “screen” related activity on this list. You could surely incorporate screens into most of the things below BUT I love a good movie marathon. Cook or order some food, have a list of what to watch, then sit back and relax. Maybe you can even have a theme whether that’s Harry Potter, Chick Flicks, or something random like movies that all start with the same letter!

Book Marathon

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I found this idea from TikTok (no surprise there) but people do 24 hour book reading marathons with their friends. While you don’t have to do anything that extreme maybe doing something for 3 or 4 hours can help fill your day and transport you to a new world!


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I’ve learned in the past two years that I love baking. It’s a great activity to fill your day and you can share your creations with friends and family!

Make Soup

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Last year I made tomato soup from scratch and it was way more fun than I thought it would be. So pick up an immersion blender and get to work! Also, think about how warm and delicious the outcome would be.

Make Smore’s

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Smore’s are like my favorite dessert. My future mother-in-law even bought us smore maker to use, that’s how much I love them. I think this is such a fun addition to the marathon activities as well.

Spa Night

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I love a good spa night. Take a bubble bath, buy a body oil and massage your feet and hands, do a face mask and meditate.

Game Nights

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I love a good game night. This one also can encourage community or interaction with small groups of friends without having to be outside.

What do you like to do on days inside? Let me know in the comments!


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