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Five Things I’ve Learned So Far From Wedding Planning

It’s officially the year I get married!!! Crazy right?!?! Well, now that I’m deep in the process I’m sharing a few lessons I’ve learned so far on this journey.

Planning Tools and Websites Are Your Friends

I love using Notion for planning in addition to Zola. I actually plan to share a link to a cleaner version of my wedding template.

Also please, please, PLEASE make a wedding email. It is such a lifesaver especially when you put the calendar on both your and the fiance’s phone.

I also draw out my ideas on my iPad with my apple pencil. Of course you can also just do this on a piece of paper but I love being able to pull it up across devices and bring it with me without fearing it will be crumpled.

Shop Everywhere

I have literally found things for this wedding any and everywhere from Etsy (think bridesmaids gifts and decor), Lulu’s (you need a ton of pre-wedding outfits), Banana Republic, Express, Hobby Lobby, and even Dollar Tree. I’m probably even missing a few places I’ve found things. But this just means keep an open mind on where you’re searching, you could miss out on some gems if you’re too picky!

Hair Inspo is Hard as a Black Girl

Often when you search wedding hair as a black girl it’s harder to see something you can imagine on yourself. Especially if you’re deciding between a natural look and or wearing your hair straight. Don’t let it stress you out, you’ll figure something out that you love (and lean on those bridesmaids!)

Pad your Budget

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I had anticipated going over budget especially with the crazy rate of inflation right now. But whatever budget you set please plan to have a wiggle room space to go over it. You may think you’ve thought out everything when you start but I promise you’ve forgotten at least 5 things.

Lean on Others

I mentioned this briefly above but you do not and should not do this on your own. Even if you’re a DIY couple you have family, friends, and a wedding party you should ask for help whether it’s finding something, putting together invites, or just to vent to. It can get frustrating, isolating, and down right overwhelming on your own.

Have you ever planned a wedding? Had a friend you helped? What were some lessons you learned? I’ll be back in a few months with some final updates (eek!).

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