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Eight Goals for the New Year + Free Downloadable Planners

This year is about organizing our lives and setting intentions. Why intentions? Well because I think the world has gotten far too chaotic to set specific goals like I have for the past few years. So what are the things I plan to do in the new year? Keep reading to find out!

1. Only Write What’s Fun

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I feel like so much of the time blogging feels like a chore to me. So, I’ll only be writing content I enjoy making this year. You’d think that’s easy but when you’re trying to be consistent and keep to a schedule there’s pressure to keep writing no matter what.

2. Keep Growing the Podcast

The podcast is super fun to do, so definitely want to grow that audience and keep having fun creating that content. If you love books then please check it out here!

3. Continue Creating a Healthy Relationship with Movement, Food and My Body

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Health and wellness is incredibly important to me but I think the larger culture around it is way to focused on aesthetics as opposed to focusing on full improvement. For me, that means finding ways to move that enjoy, loving my body and treating it kindly, and eating foods that fuel me without depriving myself.

4. Bake a Ton More

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I started baking in 2020 and it’s so much fun! I have tons more recipes I can’t wait to try and perfect this year.

5. Not Going Too Long Without Fresh Air

I work from home and I exercise at home as well so I often go days without fresh air, so this year I plan to be intentional about spending time outside of the comfort of my own home. Not getting fresh air is not good for your mental or physical health so it also layers into my taking better care of myself.

6. Hosting my Dream Wedding with Mininimal Stress

Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. It’s exhausting honestly, but this year my goal is to enjoy the process and not let it steal my fun and joy

7. Use the Digital Planners Intentionally and Effectively

Every year I buy a planner and forget about it, typically because I don’t find it useful for what I plan to use it for. That’s why I’ve shifted to making my own digital versions to use on my iPad that I can customize to my needs and update as I see fit. This year I have a financial tracker/planner, a daily planner, and a book journal!

Speaking of those digital planners, I have templates for you to use for yourself on your tablet. I like to use the NotesWriter app as a free option!

Download below:

8. Diversify My Reading

I read a lot of romance and YA (for the podcast) so this year I’m hoping to continue branching out. Last year it was an increase in non-fiction and this year I’m thinking I’ll read more mysteries. If you have any recommendations please send them my way!

What about you? Do you have any planned goals for the year? Let me know in the comments!

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