6 Reasons You Should Consider Dry January in the New Year

So, last year I did Dry January for the first time and I’m a fan of it for sure. To me, the beginning of a new year is about resetting and taking the time to reflect on my alcohol consumption and reset my mind body and spirit is a great way to kick it off.

1. You Might Lose Weight

I don’t think this is the most important reason to participate in dry January but it was one of the most surprising outcomes I experienced during my first one last year. I was also working out consistently but the Dry January weight loss can happen.

2. Save Some Money

Think about how much you spend buying a bottle of wine in the grocery store or a drink or two at dinner? Let alone drinks at bars or clubs. It’s a good way to reset your spending in the new year.

3. More Time for Hobbies

Instead of opening a bottle of wine maybe you can take the time to paint a picture, try knitting something, bake a new recipe. Drinking doesn’t consume my life but even that 30 minutes sitting on the couch drinking wine and reading or watching TV could be used differently.

4. You’ll Drink Less Throughout the Year

I did Dry January in 2021 because like many others I drank more in 2020, or at least it felt like I did. Taking the month to reflect on your substance consumption is a good thing and will subconsciously make you more aware moving forward.

5. You Probably Drank a Ton Over the Holidays

Between boozy hot chocolates, spiked cider, glasses of wine, and don’t even think about New Year’s Eve you probably drank more than you typically do between Thanksgiving and the New Year. So maybe a break would be nice?

6. Reflection

Instead of a glass of wine maybe you can journal to unpack your day or do some meditation to unwind. Finding knew ways to cope with stress and other difficulties is definitely a good thing.

And this post is not meant to say Dry January is super easy. It may occasionally make you the odd person out or maybe you just really like playing with the flavor profiles of drinks and it will feel like a loss. But also maybe you’ll learn how to better navigate discomfort and try out some fun mocktails for your full-time sober friends.

Have you ever done Dry January? What benefits did you see? What was hard about it? Let me know in the comments!

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