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10 Perfect Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

We’re in the final leg before Christmas and if you’re anything like me you’re struggling to figure out what to give your loved one or have given up on the perfect gift and have decided to give them a stocking this year. But, you don’t want the stocking to feel super impersonal or unthought out.

Note: Amazon links are affiliate links which means if you purchase I will recieve compensation. However, all opinions of the products shared here are my own!

  1. Lip Gloss
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Cream Gloss | Sephora
Photo from Sephora

Lip Gloss is a great gift for the women in your life. It’s versatile but you don’t have to know their exact shade like a foundation, bronzer or concealer. I am partial to the cream Fenty Gloss Bombs due the gorgeous colors and nice texture.

  1. Lash Primer
Lancôme Cils Booster XL Lash Thickening Mascara Primer | Ulta Beauty
Photo from Ulta

Right now you might be mumbling “what the heck is lash primer” and that’s also what I said when I first saw it but wow is it amazing. This Lancome one definitely helped make my lashes thicker and longer and also helped with volume when I applied my mascara!

  1. Simple/Cute Jewelry

I love simple and cute jewelry, where possible get these from a local small business. But if you can’t get to one in the next couple of days Target, H&M, Zara, or Urban Outfitters are great places to look.

  1. Fun Socks Rainbow Socks - Men's Women's - Sushi Socks Box Salmon Cucumber  Maki - 2 Pairs : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
Photo from Amazon

Fun socks are always a great gift idea. Think ones with fun prints like sushi or pizza for them to even slip on during Christmas to stay warm and cozy.

  1. Gum/Candy/Snacks
snacks on wooden table
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

This should not be a gift on its own but fill out your stocking with some of their favorite candies and snacks. Think a couple packs of gum, maybe some sour worms and chocolate and a bag of their favorite snacks or nuts!

  1. Lululemon underwear

I have heard rave reviews from men about the Lululemon underwear so, maybe gift someone a pair. But don’t make it awkward!

  1. Airpods case

I LOVE buying people Airpod cases because they’re so cute! I bought my fiance a “Yoda” one and mine is a little pint of Ben & Jerry’s. They keep your case safe and are just a fun way to accessorize.

  1. Mugs

I love cute mugs, I get mine from Target!

  1. books

Tread lightly with this one as everyone doesn’t love to read but if they do, definitely check out their Goodreads page for what they want to read OR just check out the latest episode of Pretty Committee Bookcast to hear picks from me and my co-host!

  1. Body Scrubs

While it may be too late to get one from one of my favorite black owned brands it isn’t too late to pick up a Dove scrub!

What do you like to get in your stockings? Let me know in the comments!

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