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Goal Check-In and Accountability: August 2021

In January I shared my vision board with you all, and boy was it ambitious. I realized that more than half the year has passed, and I haven’t even glanced at my Vision Board recently for various reasons, and I wanted to check in on the goals I set for myself and where I am with them.

1. Maintain Weekly Calls With My Family

I did this one for a time, and then life got hectic. It’s probably the goal I regret falling off of the most and I’m promising to close out the year the way it began.

2. Practice Duolingo 3x per Week

While I don’t hit three check-ins every week I can definitely see myself improving with Japanese (the language I’m learning)

3. Get My Savings Up

My savings took a few hits this year due to a move to a new state and other unforeseen costs. But, I’m still saving consistently and doing my best! Mostly, because I have a wedding to fund.

4. Try Three New Baking Recipes

So I’ve tried one, a very delicious lemon pound cake, but others are on my list. I have more than enough time to complete this one.

5. Monthly Tech-Free Days

This goal made me miserable, so I dropped it. If it’s not serving you what you need let it go.

6. Exercise Three Days per Week

This one is going much of the way of Duolingo, but I’m working on it!

7. Create YouTube Content Consistently.

LOL. Maybe someday.

8. Read Three Books per Month

I’m on track to have this be my monthly average by December!

9. Improving My Relationship With My Hair, Skin, and Nails.

What a great goal to end on, my relationship with my appearance and how I maintain it is improving everyday and I am so glad I set this goal for myself.

Well, that’s it for me, I could definitely be doing better but I could also be doing much worse. What about you? Let me know how your goals for the year are progressing.

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