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Build My 2021 Virtual Vision Board with Me

Last year I decided I wanted a vision board but didn’t want to go buy supplies so I decided to do it virtually. I built mine out in Canva and printed it out to out on my fridge and saved it to my phone.

This year I figured I would share my vision board with you and talk a little bit about goal setting and execution.

First, let’s assess last years goals.

A few of these are blocked off to maintain privacy but the jist of my goals for 2020 were travle (lol), building community in my new(ish) home and to take better care of myself. I honestly did accomplish a ton of these but I believe that this year I can make my goals more specific.

I use Canva to put together my virtual vision board because it’s the platform I’m most comfortable with. When deciding my goals for 2021 I reflected on my last blog post that featured my hopes for the year. Not all of them made the board for personal reasons, and some are combined but see below for the final product.

I typically print out my Vision Board and put it on the fridge and keep a version saved to my phone!

What do you think of my vision board? Do you prefer physical or virtual? Let me know in the comments!

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