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23 Hopes for 23

Happy (early) birthday to me. After a year where my vision board basically went out the window, I am here with a list of hopes, dreams, and goals for the new year. I think the key going into my Jordan year (and 2021) is to set goals with some flexibility and grace for myself.

1. Exercise regularly all year this time

This year my workout routine has been all over the place, I’ve found a love for full body dance workouts, you can check out one of my favorites above!

2. Bake a cake from scratch

This was the first year in my life baking from scratch, I’ve been sticking with cookies but I definitely want to try something more.

3. Grow and define the blog for my life now

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I have been struggling with what this blog is now, between graduating college last year and 2020 changing what my post-grad life a bit. I’m using the new year to reset.

4. Perfect my braiding

In the pandemic, I finally learned how to cornrow and box braid, BUT they look an absolute mess, so I’m going to be working on my braiding in the new year, because why not.

5. Find new ways to practice self care

I am so over the face masks and bubble baths at this point, this year I’m going to be discovering new ways to be kind to myself.

6. Get back on track with my faith

I am a part of a group bible study and I have been missing so many sessions it’s terrible.

7. Don’t let how 2020 went make me antisocial or back into my shell

I had been working on meeting new people mere days before being shoved back in the house

8. Go to a vineyard and do a wine tasting

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I wanted to do this in 2020, but you know how that turned out.

9. Be kinder to my body

10. Read 30 books

11. Journal everyday

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12. Explore new hobbies

Because, I need desperately need them, do you have any ideas for me?

13. Buy more plants

potted snake plant on wooden floor in house room
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My snake plant may be my best purchase of 2020.

14. Travel, Covid allowing

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15. Volunteer again

I miss doing volunteer work, I definitely want to add that back into my life.

16. Do my affirmations daily

17. Upload to YouTube more

Because you probably didn’t even know I had a channel anymore.

18. Keep up with my Duolingo lessons

19. Get back into skincare

20. Rebuild my routines

I’m sure 2020 destroys yours too

21. Go back to therapy

Having someone to talk to is always important. Try if you need one!

22. Have one tech free day a month

I tried my first one this year and it makes you SO refreshed, I’ll definitely share more ideas later.

23. Keep up with family better

Zoom fatigue has made me the worst at picking up the phone.

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