Ranking My Pandemic Reads Part 2

After reading 18 additional books since my last ranking here is a list of every book I’ve read in the pandemic and what I thought of them.

18. Girl, Wash Your Face

This book was the definition of toxic positivity and didn’t truly know what it’s message was. A lot of the messages the book tries to send either contradict or perpetuate an unhealthy habits and behaviors.

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17. Where the Crawdads Sing

This book being on my reading list for as long as it was probably led to a lot of the disappointment. It often felt like the story wasn’t connecting and a bit disjointed.

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16. How to Be an Antiracist

This was a read I had my eye on, especially during the race conversations that we had this summer I wanted to know more about the books that were being recommended to read. It was super well written, and I definitely got something out of it but it wasn’t my favorite.

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15. So You Want to Talk About Race

Similar to the above, this book just wasn’t my favorite but it was really good.

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14. Native Son

OK, so this is one of the few books I truly just couldn’t get into. I actually took forever to actually finish it, it felt like a chore a lot of the time.

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13. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

As a part of my Twilight reread (more on that later) I got curious about this novella I never read when it originally was released. It was an interesting insight but a totally unnecessary story.

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12. The Clique

The Clique was the first read for my podcast and was fun but a bit childish. I enjoyed it but totally wouldn’t recommend you read it. I still totally plan to give it to future child one day though.

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11. Best Friends for Never

A sequel to The Clique and another read for the podcast, reading this felt like it was my first time again. It’s super adolescent but very fun stroll down memory lane.

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10. I Wish You All the Best

This an LGBT YA novel that recommended in a book roundup I watched on Youtube once. It was a super interesting read that centered a nonbinary character which was refreshing to read for once.

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9. Digital Minimalism

I chose this book because my screen time has jumped up like crazy the longer this pandemic goes on and I wanted to learn some tips to stop. Unfortunately, I don’t think I gained a ton from this read but if you’re interested in a small digital footprint then this is a good book to try.

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8. American Dirt

This book is a part of Oprah’s Book Club and is about a mother and son’s journey from Mexico to the US border after a tragedy. The read was enjoyable but lagged in some parts for me personally, I totally recommend you check this one out.

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7. Red, White, & Royal Blue

This book was just a fun read, a gay romantic comedy book about kids of important leaders like the President of the US and the royal family.

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6. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

This quarantine has really helped me get back in touch with when I used to love to read. There was a time when staying in with books was my favorite activity and being stuck inside is giving time to re-explore that. This Hunger Games prequel reminded how much I love a book that explores society.

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5. The Twilight Saga (reread)

I reread the first Twilight book to get ready for the prequel and just couldn’t stop, I decided to group these together as one entry but my rankings from childhood are still intact. Eclipse is my favorite book by far followed by Twilight, Breaking Dawn, then New Moon.

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4. Midnight Sun

This one is the first Twilight book told from Edward’s POV. I really, really wanted to place this in the number one spot because it was so enjoyable to read, but it truly only has value for me as a Twi-Hard in middle and high school, which gives me a ton of bias on this one.

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3. Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Recommended by my close friend (and podcast co-host), this is another entry from the romantic comedy genre. This book was one that just makes you smile and was a quick read which is always super refreshing.

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2. Goblet of Fire

So it’s clear I have a thing for books that are adapted into films starring Robert Pattinson, but this book is so good! The challenges, Cedric Diggory, the ending, all of it was fantastic.

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1. Prisoner of Azkaban

The more Harry Potter books I read the more I regret not getting into them when I was younger. This book (and it’s movie) was exciting, kept me guessing, and had all of the fun and wonder I’ve come to expect from the series

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