5 Ways to Improve your Focus (+Reduce Screentime)

I feel like we’ve all been experiencing varying degrees of distraction over the past few months, and it’s probably hard to

1. Place your phone on the other side of the room


I know this one sounds pretty obvious, but it does wonders for your focus. When you can’t see or respond to texts and can’t fill that urge to see what’s trending on Twitter it’s a lot easier to pay more attention to what you should be doing.

2. Meditate in the morning


Meditating is something I definitely didn’t buy into when I first heard of it. I actually even struggled to meditate effectively. Starting your day with a clear mind will definitely improve your focus because you’re centered with a blank slate to begin for the day.  I recommend trying the app Breethe which also has bedtime stories and music to help you sleep.

3. Morning workouts


Morning workouts and meditating have similar impacts, except exercise also helps you feel pumped for the day and can give you an extra boost. I don’t work out every day but I always try to end mine with a meditation in order to knock two things out at once.

4. Set time limits


This is for my iPhone users. Take a look at your screentime section and see which apps you’re using the most and give yourself a time limit for using them. You can also set downtimes which I keep set from when I put my phone away for bedtime until around the end of the workday.

5. Take an activity break from the computer


This is really for those who have jobs that are conducive to this. I’ve used this time to color before, I know others who have gotten in a quick workout, but sometimes we need to step away to come back and do our best.

6. Be kind to yourself, this is a marathon, not a race

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You’re not going to be the queen or king of focus and productivity from the first day or even week of applying these tips, but if you take it slowly and introduce one or two of these tips into your life at a time I’m sure you’ll see some improvements.

Do you have any ways you maintain your focus? Let me know in the comments!

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