Capitol Chic Designs Review – Black-Owned Planner Brand

So I have said before that I LOVE planner and organization products. I’m currently the Happy Planner, but while setting up my new work station in Chicago I found these cute to do lists at Michaels and even better I learned the brand was black owned. I have been making a more conscious effort to buy black lately, and to share what I’m using on this blog so I’m going to give a mini-review of the Capitol Chic Designs products that I’ve recently picked up.

The Sticker Books

I am in love with the Sticker Books, I think the fun colors and patterns add something and I love the diversity in the stickers featuring people and faces.

My one critique here is that the sticker book selection wasn’t super varied in my store and you can only purchase these at Michael’s. I use the budgeting stickers from Happy Planner and these sets didn’t have any budgeting uses, and I saw a book for budget that was out of stock. Overall I could definitely see myself using these down the line, especially at only $5.99 for a book.

The To Do List

The to do list is my new favorite work item. I can make notes to myself about anything, write down my to dos and check them off, what more can I ask for? These are also on $5.99 so they’re super affordable. I cannot see my life without these from now on.

You can find these products or their super cute coffee mugs, planners, and other accessories at Michaels. What’s your favorite black owned business? Let me know in the comments!

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