My Favorite Podcasts (2020 Update)

I totally love listening to podcasts, they make me laugh, teach me things I didn’t know and are just a good thing to listen to when I’m doing anything from working to washing my hair. I shared one of these before, but as my list of saved shows on Spotify continues to lengthen I thought it was due time for an update. I’ve split them up into three categories the ones that make me laugh the most, the ones that teach me knew things the most, and the ones that fill my love for all things movies, music, and television. I’ll also give a quick snippet of what they’re about and include a small playlist of some episodes as well!

If You Want to Laugh

These four podcasts could probably be listed in one of the other two sections but I primarily listen to them because I laugh so much while listening, I’ve actually had to stop myself from laughing out loud in public at times.

The Read

Two friends celebrating black excellence, talking about pop culture, giving advice, and dragging something that made them mad, literally what more can you ask for.

Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood

This podcast explores films with leading black actors (and other people of color) and reviews them, then they are asked to rate them on whether that supported the cause for more leading black actors in Hollywood. There’s always a great discussion but also these guys are hilarious, they’re also a part of the comedy group Astronomy Club (yes the one with the Netflix series).

Podcast the Ride

Hi, are you new here? I love theme parks and this podcast covers various theme park attractions across the globe, but not in the even measured, researched style of a Youtube channel like Defunctland, but in a way that is downright hilarious and full of sidetracked conversations. 

Inside the Disney Vault

I also love Disney animated movies, so when one of the show hosts guest-starred on Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood shared this podcast watched and reviewed every single Disney animated feature film in chronological order I just had to take a listen and now I am hooked. This podcast has a great back catalog because they have now completed every Disney and Pixar animated film and have now moved on to the Disney Channel Original Movies.

If You Want to Learn Something New

I’ve always been curious and these four podcasts definitely continue to feed that curiosity.

Every Little Thing 

Every Little Thing explores the history of random topics like the invention of hair scrunchies and provides background information of all the little things that we use each but don’t really know how they came to be.

Our Fake History

This one is pretty self-explanatory, this podcast explores the myths and misconceptions surrounding world history, one of my personal favorites is the series on the realities of the Black Plague, but that one could be triggering right now so maybe check out the ones on the moon landing?

Recode Decode

This podcast hosts interviews with business executives, celebrities, politicians, and more about how they’re ideas and how they’re changing industries. These are some great listens and you’ll always take something amazing away from the discussion.

Land of the Giants

Ever wondered how Amazon got and remains so big? This podcast explores that and the lasting impact of the tech giant on communities and the economy. 

If you love Movies, TV, and Music

These are pretty straight forward if you have a passion for music, TV, and/or film you’ll definitely enjoy these podcasts.


This podcast explores the popular music industry and has some interesting conversations about the influences on how music got where it is today and what lasting impact today’s music may have.


This podcast explores the impact of television on politics, and the impression it’s made on how Americans perceive presidents specifically. It’s a great listen if you’re interested in the rise of television and politics since they’re so interconnected


This is also for pop music lovers, this podcast explores pop stars worst albums and reviews whether they deserve their flop title.


Yes, the Youtube channel Cinema Sins has a podcast and boy is it a fun one, if you like movie reviews and a little cynicism this one is for you. 

You can listen to a few of my favorite podcast episodes here. Let me know what you think and what podcasts you love to listen to in the comments!

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