A Day in the Life During Social Distancing

I thought I would share what a day of social distancing looks like for me because admittedly this has been a struggle for me and  I think that no one has a responsibility to be extremely productive during this time. So I want to say this is an OPTIMAL day, I honestly think this happens for me maybe twice every two weeks.

8:30 am – Waking Up

Depending on the day I wake up at 8:30 or 9 am, why? Because I currently work in Chicago but I’m currently staying in Florida with my parents so I use that time difference to my advantage and work on a CST schedule. When I’m exercising I try to get up around 8:15 or 8:30 for a quick morning workout. this is when I brush my teeth and throw on some clothes to workout.

8:45 am – Exercise

I’ll admit I fell out of my workout routine before social distancing, but being in the house has definitely made the issue worse. Currently, I’ve been using a few of the many apps that have made their services free and working to find the motivation to continue to jog occasionally. These workouts typically sum to a little bit of a HIIT and Barre workouts, with an occasional Yoga thrown in there when I have some time.

My outfit of the day. Bike shorts and a T-shirt

9:30 am – Shower & Get Dressed 

After my workout, I hop in the shower, do something to my hair (I’m working to not put my hair in a puff, bun or ponytail as often to prevent breakage or strain on my edges so if you have any suggestions please drop them in the comments), and put on something to wear for work which is the typical sweats or shorts and a t-shirt unless I need to do laundry and am forced to wear full-on jeans. Then I head downstairs to throw together some breakfast, sometimes my parents make extra of what they eat or I make some oatmeal or yogurt with fruit and granola.

My “office” in my parent’s dining room

10 am –  Work 

On a good day I can keep work from 10 am – 6pm, sometimes obviously that doesn’t work out and I sign in early or stay on late depending on my team’s needs. One thing I haven’t been doing consistently during work time is eating lunch. I typically end up snacking all day or grabbing something small but I rarely just say let me fuel my body, which is something I’m trying to improve and not bully myself about.

6 pm – Self Improvement

Again, this 6 pm time is on a good day, however, I try to use this time to meditate or exercise if I wake up too late to do it in the morning. I’d love to find other ways to use this time, but I feel like I’ve been so blocked when it comes to new ideas right now.

Link to app

7 pm – Leisure Time 

Once this is done I log out of work it becomes general leisure time, this includes reading a book, eating dinner, writing for the blog, watching TikToks, TV, Youtube, and movies. Also included here is the time I spend talking to my boyfriend who I also watch things with, especially since I have not seen him in person since February.

11:45 pm – Bedtime Routine

I end my night with my skincare routine, which I would link below but has been updated since my last post. I’ve been having trouble sleeping, especially without the sleep sounds I use on my Google Home but found an app called Breethe with bedtime stories and music to help you sleep which has been helping for the past few days.

Obviously, this doesn’t include my weekend schedule, days when I wash my hair, order food, or even go to the grocery store, and as I said before this is my optimal routine. If you want to read about the ways I work to differentiate my weekends from my weekdays let me know in the comments and let me know if you have a routine during this time or if you’re just winging it! I hope you’re all healthy, safe, and hanging in there.

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