7 Ways to Implement Self Care Everyday

Hi guys, after a month of neglecting my favorite activity I’m back with seven easy ways to implement self-care, something I’ve been neglecting over the past month.

1. Positive AffirmationsPhoto of Woman Looking at the Mirror

Talking to yourself in the mirror may feel weird, but complimenting and encouraging yourself is necessary and doing it before starting your day can totally set it on the right path.

2. Face Masks

Assorted-brand Makeup Products

This is likely the most stereotypical form of self-care but it’s totally useful. Taking the time to sit down with a face mask on in silence is fantastic, sometimes I’ll even combine it with the next thing on this list.

3. Reading

Reading a book is my favorite form of self-care and I love to sit down and read in a quiet room, and to me, it’s a healthy form of escapism.

4. Meditation

Woman Meditating in the Outdoors

Taking as little ass 1-5 minutes to just take time with your own thoughts and clear your head. I use an app from my job called Whil, but Headspace is another great app to help you learn.

5. Going for a Walk

Woman in Black Leggings While Walking on Brown Road

Fresh air is literally the best thing you can do for yourself. Going for a walk is a great form of self-care because you’re active, you’re outside (hopefully) soaking up some vitamin D, and getting out of the house with a change of scenery.

6. Go out to eat by yourself


Photo of Brunch

Getting a meal by yourself is a form of self-care because you learn to be happy alone. Take a trip to your favorite restaurant and just sit at a table alone, it’ll be a great feeling I promise.

7. Deep Clean Your Space


Another obvious one to most people but the space you live in is going to reflect how you feel in a cyclical way. So giving your room, house, and/or apartment a deep clean is essential.

How do you implement self-care regularly in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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