5 Tips for Surviving a Long-distance Relationship

So I’ve been in a long distance relationship for over 6 months now, so I figured I’d share some advice on how I survive it. It’s not easy but maybe I can make it easier.

Have a set time to talk

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It will literally save you a ton of heartache. Once I get off work and talk to people like my mom or my friends then I’m on the phone with my boyfriend. We also have a set time to get off the phone, at 10:30 pm CST, so we both have adequate time to get ready for work the next day. We try to keep this pretty consistent since we obviously can’t hang out in person as often.

Be flexible with your time, respect personal lives

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I know this seems like the opposite of what I said before, but you still need friends and socialization outside of your significant other. If someone is going to the movies or has after work plans, understand you can’t travel then and that’s okay.

Communicate and be good at it

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This honestly connects to the last point. The key to a successful relationship will always be communication but when you’re long distance you have to be a strong communicator to keep your relationship from becoming one-sided.

Decide if it’s worth it before trying it

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Your relationship has to be worth being long-distance. This is not something you do for fun, you really have to decide if your relationship can take the strain of the distance, if your relationship is worth the labor it takes, and if it’s even going somewhere that warrants the distance. If the answer to those questions is no then maybe you should say goodbye.

Plan your travel in advance, it’ll make balance easier

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The kind of money and time that goes into traveling for a relationship should be planned in advance. In my relationship, we strive to see each other once a month. We try to stick to long weekends but we always plan in advance and keep each other in the loop while planning our trips.

Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? What worked for you? If you’ve never been in one? If not let me know why not in the comments!

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