Natural Hair Update

Hey guys, I don’t think I’ve done a natural hair update since my lazy girl’s guide shared last summer, so I figured I would give a short update on my routine, my hair growth, and just a couple of things I’ve learned in my last 3.5 years with natural hair.

A growth update

First, my hair is actually been growing. I never feel like my hair is growing mostly because my curl pattern is so tight it’s hard to tell and it typically grows out and up rather than down. I knew it was growing because I was finally able to do a low bun and a high bun without any clip-ins.

My hair routine

Next, my hair has decided that it likes Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie after years of hating it. I’ve been trying to find my favorite products has been hard because my hair literally changes the products it likes literally every few months so it’s hard to share any holy grail products anymore.

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I also have decided that washing my hair every week is the new move. Before, it dried my hair out no matter how much conditioner I used, but now it seems like its the best way to take care of my hair so I’m going to keep trying that until my hair changes its mind again.

My current frustrations

My first two biggest frustrations are that I’m trying to hold out on getting braids again for a little while longer, I was wearing them way too often honestly. My other frustration is that my hair is seemingly never able to dry all the way no matter how early I do it. So if you have any advice about that, please leave it in the comments.

Well, that’s all for my hair update. Like I said before if you have any natural hair advice or questions please drop it in the comments!

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