My Bedtime Routine *updated*

I feel like establishing habits is a huge key to success and reducing stress, which is why I developed a streamlined bedtime routine that I can usually complete in under an hour. I usually start it an hour before bed and it’s truly pretty painless, so I thought I’d share it.

Step One: Pick Out an Outfit for the Next Day


I always pick out my clothes for work the night before. I check the Accuweather app and even check what the temperature will be both when I leave in the morning and around when I might be leaving work that next evening, and I always check the “feels like” temperature too and use Daily Dress Me for a little extra inspiration when I’m a little stuck.

Step Two: Pack Bag and Lunch


Next, I go ahead and make my lunch for the next day and make sure everything I need is in my purse for in the morning is in there. I have overslept enough times to know that these first two steps are essential and help prevent a disaster the next morning if things go awry.

Step Three: Twist Hair


I re-twist my hair next, or just do whatever is needed to keep my hair moisturized and fresh for the next day which could be as simple as a little extra leave-in conditioner and putting my hair in a pineapple.

Step Four: Shower


Next, it’s time for my shower, which is self-explanatory.

Step Five: Brush teeth, floss, wash face


Now it’s time to brush my teeth, floss and do my skincare for the evening and head to bed! You can read about my skincare routine here.

So that’s my bedtime routine! Let me know if you have a bedtime routine, why or why not, and/or how it’s different if you do!



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