Are We Too Senstive?

Hey guys, so I cut my PCOS awareness content short because I wanted to talk about something more timely and closer to my heart, are we as a society becoming too sensitive? The answer here is no, but with so many people spewing that we have become a hypersensitive society I wanted to break down why not.

1. Demanding that underrepresented/oppressed people are treated better is human decency

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So for my first point, it is not hypersensitive to demand that women are treated with respect, people of color aren’t bombarded with stereotypes and slurs, and that the LGBTQ+ community is respected and not harassed. In a world where more black trans women have been murdered in 2019 than there are months in the year (source) it is not sensitive to no longer want to support people who threaten violence against that community. In a society where 1 in every 6 American women has been a survivor a completed or attempted rape (source), it is not hypersensitive to no longer tolerate people who joke about sexual assault. Being able to exist in a world where your trauma is not gaslit, mocked, or disregarded is, in my opinion, a human right, and championing that does not make us too sensitive it makes us better, if not quality, people.

2. We are more educated, and thus we should be doing more with that information

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We live in a world where we have more access to information and education about underprivilege groups that not only is it unacceptable to use ignorance as an excuse in most cases, but it also means that we should progress in how we treat those groups. Now that we have access to how systemic racism and sexism work we should no longer allow ignorance and discrimination to run rampant, again it is not being hypersensitive is an evolution of a society that comes with access to information.

3. Cancel culture does not actually exist

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This is my hot take, but here we go. “Cancel culture” is not a thing, it is people dealing with the consequences of their bad behavior, and largely society is not forcing many people to actually face those consequences. For example, the Internet declared that Kanye West was canceled just to stream his album literally weeks after the fact and to declare his secular music to gospel flips genius (even though they were playing those in my youth church back in 2012). Sarah Silverman did blackface and has quite literally starred in two very successful Disney animated films. Most of the people everyone decries as a “victim” of cancel culture were people who faced what were typically adequate consequences for actions just like anyone else.

So, what does this mean? I hope this post makes you think again about how the world is hypersensitive because someone has been called out for bad behavior, I also hope that it makes you want to be more educated when you might be privileged or unaware about some demographics and why they may be upset about something before gaslighting them and saying its not that big of a deal, but honestly, I hope that you take away from this that cancel culture is not some gross ugly mob that the internet paints it to be. But I’d also love to hear your thoughts in the comments so please share, no one grows without dialogue.

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